Ann Hart Marquis-painting over a painting

Abstract Landscape Paintings

Ann Hart Marquis is a New Mexico artist who creates vibrant abstract landscape paintings.  She uses acrylic, charcoal and oil on canvas.  Her work creates a sense of connection, emotion and ideas about the natural world. She strives to reveal the beauty of the environment and its fragility.

The landscape of New Mexico can be moody and harsh. At the same time it can be colorful and serene. In a sense, Ann is not always interested in actual landscape that she sees. She is interested in distilling the vistas into their purest essence.

Ann also likes to paint abstracts without any particular idea of representing an  object or scene. She layers colors, shapes and lines on top of each other with little forethought. For Ann, abstract art has the ability to sometimes express what other painting styles cannot. It can address ideas that are indefinable and imaginary, existing in mind and spirit, rather than in concrete reality. Abstract art can touch the emotions in an inventive, authentic and thought provoking way.

All photographs by Pat Berrett and Ann Hart Marquis.