Artist Statement

Ann Hart Marquis

A Summer’s Day, acrylic on canvas, 14 x 14 inches, 2014. @Ann Hart Marquis

I am a nature lover. I paint nature because I want to emphasize how lovely, fragile and vital it is. Since childhood I have been in awe of trees, mountains, and rivers. To me, nature is overpoweringly grand, a force to be revered. It evokes emotions and feelings of reverence and grace. Because I am a nature lover, a meadow wanderer, an adorer of trees, I am an environmentalist. I also like to investigate how the natural world works; how trees grow, how water flows, how patterns form. I paint the beauty that I see around me or in my imagination.  I want to capture the beauty that exists even in unlikely places.

I consider myself an Abstract Landscape painter. When I paint, I ask myself how is this painting going to bring to the viewer an emotional connection with the natural world. I build and reveal a sense of place and movement in my landscapes by first using paint to lay down a background color, then a thick application of paint, charcoal, and ink to give the image depth and a sense of terrain. All of my paintings ask the viewer to consider the beauty, fragility and health of our environment.