ann hart marquis

Ann Hart Marquis

Ann Hart Marquis is a nature lover whose paintings are infused with her love of color and reflect her lifelong reverence for nature. Her path to becoming an artist began with an interesting series of synchronistic events that led her to begin painting in 2000 in France. After becoming an a painter, she decided to forgo a Master Of Fine Arts in favor of direct mentorship with numerous talented artists. Since then, Ann has painted and studied extensively in France and New Mexico, and recently in Chicago.

Ann has exhibited and sold her work since 2005 and her paintings are in many private collections. Since that time, Ann has shown her work in well-received yearly solo exhibits at various venues and galleries in Albuquerque.

Born in San Francisco, Ann and her family soon moved to the rolling hills of Bennett Valley near Santa Rosa, California. There she spent her childhood immersed in the beauty of the countryside. Her inherent love of the natural world, with its diversity in landscape and vibrant color was nurtured and would eventually be reflected on her canvases.

Ann spent eight years in Miami, Florida, where she was entranced by the color, music, Latin sensibilities, and the subtropical climate of southern Florida. It was in Miami that she first saw the vivid colors used by Cuban artists and observed their interest in painting the world around them, especially the turquoise ocean and the many greens of the landscape.

She now lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The unique quality and play of light which graces the “Land of Enchantment” and the colors of the Southwest are influences that can be seen in Ann’s works. Her travels to other countries and an ongoing love of the French countryside are reflected in many of her paintings.

Most importantly, Ann is keenly interested in creating images that are representative of mood and feeling and serve to evoke an emotional connection between the viewer and nature. Her works have an abstract quality that both stimulates the imagination and encourages personal interpretations by the viewer.