A Change of Scenery

This past week I took a few days off from painting and drove down to the coastal town of Collioure, France for a change of scenery and for new inspiration. Collioure is on the western side of the Mediterranean, where the Pyrenees meet the sea. It was lovely to be around such blue clear water and sea breezes.


Collioure, France

Collioure has always been a source of inspiration for artists. Picasso, Derain, Dufy, Chagall, Matisse and Marquet all painted Collioure to capture its special light and colors of this once small, historical fishing village.

Collioure, France

Collioure, France

These works displayed such vibrant colors and brushstrokes that the artists were referred to as “la cage aux Fauves” (wild beasts) and it is from these artists that the Fauvism movement began.

View_of_Collioure_(The_Bell_Tower)_Henri Matisse, 1905

View of Collioure (The Bell Tower), Henri Matisse, 1905

On a completely different topic, before I left for the Mediterranean, I completed an image of part of a home here in Soréze. I wanted to see if I could continue being loose with something more structured and architectural. It was a little more challenging, but I continued with my palette knife. It was difficult to get the result that I wanted doing the casings around the window and door with my knife, so I did use a brush for some of those details. For now, I am happy with the results.

Untitled #7, acrylic on canvas, 14 x14 inches, 2014. Ann Hart Marquis

Untitled #7, acrylic on canvas, 14×4-inches, 2014. ©Ann Hart Marquis

7 thoughts on “A Change of Scenery

    1. Ann Hart Marquis Post author

      Thank you Michelle. It is 14 x14 inches. I didn’t crop anything. All of paintings I did here in France are 14 x14 inches, because that was the size of the cut canvas that I could fit into my travel tube.

      1. Dotty Seiter

        With a houseguest for five days and an immediate turnaround to Virginia where I am still vacationing, I have not been painting anything! However, I did leave a started painting behind to which I am eager to return. It includes a building façade, so your most recent featured painting will help inspire me. In addition to that canvas, I also have my new easel awaiting me, which Dave has just assembled in my absence.


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