A History of My Art

Sometimes when I am rummaging around in my studio I come across a painting that I haven’t seen or thought about for a while. When I look at the date of the painting I am sometimes surprised.

One such painting is a small work that I did in 2008. I do remember that I painted it in the winter and that it was a New Mexico scene. It is cold here now and at this time I am working on a New Mexico abstract series depicting how I see the winter landscape. It is interesting to me that I painted one lone winter scene about seven years ago and now I am doing a series. I like this little painting.

Ann Hart Marquis-Road Home,  January, New Mexico

Road Home, January, acrylic on canvas, 11×14 inches, 2008. ©Ann Hart Marquis

Except for what I have sold, I have kept all of my work since I started painting 15 years ago, including my drawings. They remind me of where I started, how I tried new things, how I endeavored to be a better draftsperson and how I experimented with color. They provide a history of my art. Above all, my older work reminds me that I have produced many images in a variety of styles trying to figure out how to create an interesting painting.

What I didn’t do when I first started painting was to paint in series. Art schools and marketing concepts suggest that to be successful, an artist “should” work in a series. That is because supposedly the best way for artists to get recognized and develop an identity, is to cultivate a distinct style. It is said that here is no better way to do that than to begin creating art in multiples.

I have done several successful series, but I still like to paint something totally quirky and enchanting to me that goes with nothing except the fact that I consider it a good painting. Here is one of my favorite paintings that just stands on its own. It is part of a collection in Phoenix.

Ann Hart Marquis-Red Bridge-acrylic

Red Bridge, acrylic on canvas, 16×20 inches, 2008. ©Ann Hart Marquis

6 thoughts on “A History of My Art

  1. Karen Conley

    The “Road Home” is charming, and w/all your work I really enjoy the colors, spare as it is in that one, like the NM landscape in winter.

  2. Brenda Chamberlain

    Really like the technique you used in “Road Home” and the colors, Ann. I apologize that we were unable to join you on the 31st – hope all went well.

  3. Linda

    You’ve done a wonderful job depicting the cold of New Mexico with the colors chosen. I love seeing your earlier work leading up to your current. Please keep posting some of these.

    1. Ann Hart Marquis Post author

      Thanks Linda, It is a little challenging for me who is used to using somewhat vibrant colors to try to tone down my palette for a New Mexican winter. I appreciate your comment about my older work. I may do a post on some of them.


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