Abstract Landscape

My abstract landscape painting class continues through the month of October. The pace of the class is actually perfect. We have an assignment every day. One day we paint or do a mixed media piece and the next day we have a chance to catch up with assignments and gather ideas by looking at other abstract painter’s websites or watching a particular art video. One video we watched was by Colorado artist Krista Harris. I was struck by something she said about knowing when a painting is finished. “Work is never really finished. You let it go just so you can get on to the next one.” I can identify with that.

This week I had three painting assignment, each different from the other. At the beginning of the week we painted a landscape from a photograph that was taken on the road from Dublin to Cork by our teacher Pauline Agnew. It was the first actual painting and was not to be done in a particularly abstract way. The most challenging part for me was the sky. I do not usually go into such detail in my own paintings. Here is the painting:

ann hart marquis abstract lnadscape

Road from Dublin to Cork, acrylic on paper, 20×24-inches.©Ann Hart Marquis

The following assignment was completely different but also an abstract landscape. It was a mixed-media piece using charcoal, ink, and acrylic paint. Again we used a photograph of what seemed like an overgrowth of trees, limbs, and leaves. I thought at first it would we difficult for me, but I very much enjoyed the project and will do one again soon. Here it is:

Under Irish Trees. mixed media on paper, 20x24 inches. ©Ann Hart Marquis

Limb to Limb, mixed media on paper, 20×24-inches. ©Ann Hart Marquis

You, like my teacher are free to offer opinions. I would appreciate it.

12 thoughts on “Abstract Landscape

  1. Linda

    I particularly love “Road from Dublin to Cork” even though it is abstract I can visualize what everything is. I can appreciate “Under Irish Trees” and love the lines and colors. I think I tend to over-think more abstract work and don’t understand the process.

    1. Ann Hart Marquis Post author

      Thank you Linda.
      Under Irish Trees was rather easy to do after I saw a similar demonstration. I just loosely drew trunks and branches in charcoal and then added paint. You are right about over-thinking. I didn’t do that, I just played.

  2. sylvia

    I love that you’re sharing this journey with us. I liked seeing the contrast between the two pieces. Each one is appealing in a different way. I signed up to receive Pauline Agnew’s emails. Her approach feels like an adventure.

    1. Ann Hart Marquis Post author

      Hi Sylvia. This is definitely a journey for me. This class is great and I love the daily assignments. She is teaching this abstract landscape class again in the spring. I am fantasizing about going to Ireland next year for a Pauline Agnew workshop. Do you want to come?


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