Abstract Landscapes with Paint

I have a simple program on my computer called Microsoft Paint. I started looking at it recently as an alternative way to crop images that I have photographed. This weak I opened it one evening and spontaneously decided to click on a brush and found that I could easy draw with it so off I went until I discovered colors and different tools.

Many of you may already create with apps and/or art programs, but I had not until now. After being totally drawn to my process, I found that I could easily and quickly create forms and abstract landscapes similar to what I have painted. I created both images below in about an hour. I found this program to be another way of playing and being non-judgmental about my art.

Ann Hart Marquis-Paint #1-Microsoft Windows Paint

Paint #1

I also found that I used the same method of thinking about value, intensity and color that I use with my paintings. As I played with lines and form, I discovered that I could easily tone down intense colors by layering colors or overlapping them.

Ann Hart Marquis-Paint #2-Microsoft Windows Paint

Paint #2

This program is not one that I will now incorporate into my art practice, but I think it will be fun to use from time to time to just play.

Are any of you using an app or program to play with art?

6 thoughts on “Abstract Landscapes with Paint

  1. Linda Faust

    I have played with Paint program before, it is fun to do. I haven’t thought about utilizing it in a way that you have. It may be a great way to rough out an idea prior to painting. I find that I’m not very smooth in painting with a mouse, that may be due to lack of practice. Thanks for writing about this, it could be a useful tool!

    1. Ann Hart Marquis Post author

      Thanks for commenting Linda. I do think that I could use this program for first ideas or sketching ideas before I did a painting. The program I have uses brushes so I don’t have to use a mouse.

  2. Maria Pietri Lalor

    I have been playing with the Sketch application for the Ipad and produced a fair amount of drawings, it is a totally new medium always available and real fun. I went to see the Hockney show in San Francisco (3 times !) and a large part of his show was his digital work with TV displaying the progression of his images,some of his landscape were printed on very large panels in sections, it was fabulous work.Suzanne has been playing with it too and we exchanges our mutual discoveries.Sketch is a very good ap for artist I recommand it highly.If you want to see my Ipad sketches I am displaying them on my web site : mariapietrilalordesign.com or on pinterest.Have fun, the 2 mediums,paint and digital will feed each other and widen the visual experience,


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