Dancing in the Moonlight

As I have mentioned, when I was growing up my family lived deep in a very rural area of northern California called Bennett Valley. During my first and second grades I attended Bennett Valley School which was built in 1878. As I recall, there were about 12 of us who attended this one-room school house. It was on a beautiful wooded hill, not far from the road and those two years of school were probably some of the most significant years of my life.

AnnHartMarquis-Dancingin the Moonlight

Dancing in the Moonlight, acrylic on canvas, 20×24-inches. 2011. ©Ann Hart Marquis, sold.

The reason those years were so memorable was due to our teacher, Mrs. Margaret Perez. She handled all of us in six grades with ease. We sat at tables, I don’t remember desks. I also don’t remember her ever raising her voice except for the time the snake got loose. She was refined and gentle. Mrs. Perez had a gift. Although we were country children, she treated us as if she were teaching in San Francisco.

It was she who first introduced me to classical music, and I loved it immediately. She took us  to see the classic ballet movie Red Shoes. I of course then wanted to be a ballerina. Ballet lessons were not an option for me for several reasons. I remember vividly, however, that she let me dance in front of the class. I was wearing a brown checked dress and brown oxford shoes. I did my best Isadora Duncan although I had never heard of Isadora Duncan. I was very shy, but when I danced, the world went away. Mrs. Perez added depth to my life and opened windows that I never knew existed.

Annhartmarquis-Dancing in the Sunlight

Dancing in the Sunlight, acrylic on canvas, 14×14-inches, 2014. ©Ann Hart Marquis, sold.

To this day dance has been one of my passions and I have carried it over into several of my paintings. Dancing in the Moonlight (top) is my first “dance” painting. Dancing in the Sunlight  (above) is the second. My last is Waltz (below).


Waltz, acrylic on canvas, 24×36-inches, 2012. ©Ann Hart Marqus

Thank you Mrs. Margaret Perez. I have thought of you often.

Has there been a special teacher in your life?

Waltz is currently available.  If you have questions or want to purchase it, please contact me. It is 36x24x1.5-inches, acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas with sides painted to continue the scene for a finished look. The price is $675 plus shipping.

Contact me if you live outside the continental USA for additional shipping charges.

6 thoughts on “Dancing in the Moonlight

  1. Suzanne

    These are so beautiful and I love your story. The Red Shoes is the only film I remember from my childhood. We just watched it again and It was still wonderful.

  2. Linda

    Beautiful story and gorgeous paintings. Is there a story behind the 1st painting has 1 tree, 2nd painting has 2 trees and the 3rd painting has 3 trees and is titled waltz, which is 3/4 time. All are lovely!

    1. Ann Hart Marquis Post author

      Thanks for your comment Linda. There probably is a story behind the number of trees that I paint, but I haven’t gone into that psychology yet. I do usually paint them in singles or threes.

  3. Donna Allen Miller

    Hi, Ann – What a thrill to see DANCING IN THE MOONLIGHT in this post! It continues to be one of my favorites of all your paintings that I enjoy having in my home, and I am so happy others can see and enjoy it on your post.


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