This painting is an abstract landscape image of a forest.


I grew up in northern California surrounded by old oak and eucalyptus trees and the redwood forest. My earliest memory of trees was standing among ancient redwoods, astonished at how far they traveled up into the sky. I also remember touching their trunks and thinking how soft and cool they felt. Trees were and still are a wondrous form of life.

Since childhood, nature has provided me with a sense of being a part of something overpoweringly grand. Trees especially, have not only been a source of beauty, but they have also humbled me by their size, diversity, longevity, and perseverance. They have inspired me with their strength and mystery.

Today, it may be that the most significant symbol or meaning of trees is that they indeed sustain life on the planet. Their existence is crucial to ours. Their beauty is a magnificent gift.

I have been painting trees in one form or another for 20 years. This series represents an abstract representation of how I imagine a Forest. There is no particular focus, however, I have included some form of tree trunks into most of the paintings in this series.