Imaginary Landscape

During the entire month of October I have been consumed with painting almost every day. Most of this enthusiasm is due to how much I am loving my Irish online class on abstract landscapes. I can’t wait for the next assignment and find that I am already feeling a little sad that the experience will conclude at the end of October. I like looking at how the instructor paints the Irish landscape full of green and blue. I can then create an imaginary landscape or interpret something from here in New Mexico or wherever my imagination will take me.

When the class first began, I felt that I was neglecting the marketing side of my art. As a working, selling painter there are marketing strategies that I am supposed to be doing a least once a week. For example, I am always supposed to be updating my website and social media sites, growing my mailing list, contacting galleries, going to art openings to keep in touch with the local art community and planning my next show.

Making Art
As I got totally immersed in the landscape class, I realized that for a while I just want to paint. I have actually been having this feeling for a few months. I will let the pressure of marketing my work take a back burner for a while. Actually, I am not sure of how long. I am just loving spending my time thinking about and creating art.

Here is my latest creation:

imaginary landscape, acrylic

Imaginary Landscape, acrylic on paper, 12×12-inches, 2014. ©Ann Hart Marquis

Have you recently put aside something you were supposed to do for something you loved to do?

2 thoughts on “Imaginary Landscape

  1. Linda

    I love what is coming out from this class of yours. Give yourself some guilt-free time to paint while the inspiration is strong. Perhaps set a soft deadline as to when you will resume your marketing so that you may continue painting for a while without guilt.

    1. Ann Hart Marquis Post author

      Thank you Linda. It is obvious that my guilt about not doing what I am “supposed to do” came through on my post. I have already given up the guilt and I think that I will just continue enjoying myself until I am ready to jump back in the the business world. I have no idea when that will be and that feels just fine.


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