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Although I have painted many scenes that include lakes and rivers, I have painted very few seascapes or paintings that included the sea. When I was in Ireland, I spent many hours looking at various views of the Atlantic Ocean. In the back of my mind I was frequently thinking about painting a seascape.

Most were from high cliffs looking down at crashing waves hurling themselves into caves and onto rocks. There were a few times when I was on a lovely beach or standing on a small hill looking at a quiet tide.

Regardless of the location, I was fascinated by the continually-varying mood of the water and its great force. I was also intrigued by the ever-changing colors of the sea.

Although I experienced little rain while I was there, I was impressed by the moody skies and how the grey clouds affected the water. Sometimes there was no difference between the colors in the skies and on the water. Sometimes both contained light and dark greys, violets, blues and greens.

alt="Ann Hart Marquis-paining of a seascape and and abstract landscape painting"

Futile the Winds, acrylic on canvas, 14 x 14 x 1.5 inches. Ann hart Marquis

Since I love to play with color, it was my goal in this painting to capture all of the different grays of the sky and water and the vibrancy of the surrounding landscape. The entire painting has many layers of color from bright and light to dark and somber in both the seascape and landscape.

I would love your critique.

6 thoughts on “Landscape Seascape

  1. dotty seiter

    continually-varying mood of the water: yup
    ever-changing colors of the sea: yup
    moody skies: yup
    grey clouds affecting the water: yup
    sky and water containing grays, violets, blues and greens: yup
    vibrancy of the surrounding landscape: yup

    I really like this painting. It is sure and strong. Your soul expresses itself wordlessly through color, shape, and texture.

    1. Ann Hart Marquis Post author

      Thank you so much Dotty. I am having fun and some challenge thinking about painting Ireland in an abstract way, but I like it.
      I also like what you have been doing your last few posts with black and white. They are very good.

      1. dotty seiter

        I am fascinated by the process—knowing of your travels, having been to that part of the world myself, reading your words about the impact Ireland had on you, seeing what has subsequently emerged energetically on your canvases. Very powerful.

        Thanks for your comments about my recent black & whites. They compelled me to paint them.

        1. Ann Hart Marquis Post author

          Dotty I have to say nothing inspires me quite like going to a foreign place, especially one that I feel I have a spiritual connection to. Ireland was so significant for me because we went to so many megalithic sites. The stone circles and standing stones made me think of all we don’t know about the world and its peoples. It is all very mysterious to me and very compelling.

          Your paintings seem so natural and organic. I love the spontaneity of them even if you feel the need to keep working on them. I know that feeling.


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