Painting for Beginners

My class at the University of New Mexico, Continuing Education, Painting for the Complete Beginner ended last week. Here are a few examples of the work that was done in class. All of the paintings were done in acrylic. As you can see the work is quite diverse and quite good.

All of these paintings were done with the greatest care and diligence. It was such a pleasure to see students learn beginning techniques and then to watch them create such interesting and inspiring pieces. I hope that they all go on with their painting experience. They should. There certainly was talent in the group.

My next class starts in January, 2015, and I get to experience the fun of playing with color all over again. I hope you enjoy these images, as much as I have.

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8 thoughts on “Painting for Beginners

  1. Brenda Chamberlain

    I’ll say they’re talented or you worked miracles! A few of them painted people and pets for their first assignment. Unheard of!!


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