Acrylic painting of the delights of the earth.

Abstract Landscape Paintings

Abstract landscape paintings are my emotional reaction to the natural world. Many paintings represent real places that have drawn my attention and some are from my imagination. I like to emphasize the colors, structures and light of a particular setting rather than focusing on the details. Many scenes are from the south of France where the fields, hills and mountains are green and lush like Sonoma County, California where I grew up.

Some are influenced by my life in New Mexico. The landscape of New Mexico can be moody and harsh and at the same time colorful and serene. The colors can vary from vivid orange, yellow and violets to somber browns, dark grays and even black.

In the last few years I have traveled to Ireland and the island of Lesvos, Greece where I found many varieties of green and the ever-changing colors of the Atlantic Ocean and Aegean Sea. Colors ranged from bright and light to dark and somber in both the seascape and landscape.

In a sense, many times I am not interested in the actual landscape that I see. I am interested in distilling the vistas into their purest essence. It feels like these paintings are a way for my psyche to reconcile and appreciate all places that have touched me in some special manner.