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Although my calling is to paint, I appreciate all kinds of creativity. I particularly love dance and photography. As some of you know, I am the Art Director of Shadow & Light Magazine, and I was the Art Director of CameraArts magazine from 2005-2008.

Shadow & Light Magazine is a PDF photography magazine.  It is about “The Art of Photography,” and is the brainchild of Tim Anderson, the publisher/editor of Red Dog News, and the former publisher/managing editor of CameraArts magazine.

My main duties are to search for new photographers who have an eye for creating lovely, moving and/or provocative images. I also help him choose images that will go into a photographer’s layout in the magazine, and I usually choose the cover image.

Below are two covers that I chose.

Cover Image

Cover Image, Eduardo Fujii, March/April, 2016

The magazine’s primary objective is to introduce new voices in photography by featuring them in an internationally-distributed fine art photography magazine.

“In publishing a wide range of fine art photography, Shadow & Light Magazine seeks to publish those photographic artists who strive to formulate creative ideas and translate them into work that captures and ignites human imagination. Experience, education, equipment, and age are not determinates in recognizing quality art.”

Cover image

Cover image, Tom Chambers, September/October, 2015

Not only does Shadow & Light Magazine seek to engage the reader visually but intellectually as well with informative articles, critical insight, and compelling interviews.

If you know of anyone who loves to make wonderful photographic images, let me know.

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  1. Ann Hart Marquis Post author

    Thanks for the mention, Ann. It is a pleasure to work with you, and you complement your artistic sensibility perfectly with the photography of shadow & Light Magazine.


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