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Although I try to paint almost every day, occasionally I like to explore different ways to think about and delve into varied art-related projects. The class I teach for beginning painters is one example. Another example is plunging into being the art director of a new fine art photography online magazine called Shadow & Light Magazine. Here is the official description of the publication:

Shadow & Light Magazine  Signature Image

Shadow & Light Magazine Signature Image

Shadow & Light Magazine is designed for photographers across all levels of photography offering valuable information about a range of photographic subjects including portfolios, and individual images, along with interviews and in-depth essays. It is also designed for the photographer who desires to present their work to a large audience, including curators, collectors, gallerists, and photography peers and professionals. It is also designed to be appealing to all art lovers.

The magazine was launched in September, 2014. It is flourishing and I am proud to be a part of its success.

Shadow & Light Magazine Cover-photography

Shadow & Light Magazine Cover

As art director, my main responsibilities are selecting the cover image, helping the editor with the selection of Showcase Portfolio and Single Image Showcase submissions. I also assist with editing.

Because the publisher and editor of the magazine is my partner Tim Anderson, I have learned to appreciate photography as a fine art that can be just as expressive as painting. I have had the pleasure of viewing many wonderful images over the last ten years. An entire world of creativity has opened up for me, influencing my art in ways that are still a mystery to me.

5 thoughts on “Shadow & Light Magazine

  1. Linda

    Congratulations Ann on your new endeavor! Being a lifelong photographer, i have always viewed photography as a fine art medium. I’m excited about this new publication and look forward to seeing more!

      1. Linda Faust

        Yes indeed! My father started me with this hobby when I was 7. It quickly became a passion of mine and he then introduced me to using his camera and his father’s old camera so that I could start learning the intricacies of exposure.
        I abandoned the hobby a few years back and sold my gear. Since then I have regretted that decision and just in the past few days purchased a new camera and will slowly build up my gear again.

        1. Ann Hart Marquis Post author

          Linda, I am sorry to hear that you sold your camera gear. I have made decisions like that. Later as you are doing, I needed to start over. all part of the process I think. Have some of your paintings come from pictures that you took?

          1. Linda Faust

            Yes, the yucca plant at white sands, twin towers was loosely based on a photo I shot of the manhattan skyline, mt. Taylor and a couple other landscapes of NM.

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