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Painting for Beginners

My class at the University of New Mexico, Continuing Education, Painting for the Complete Beginner ended last week. Here are a few examples of the work that was done in class. All of the paintings were done in acrylic. As you can see the work is quite diverse and quite good.

All of these paintings were done with the greatest care and diligence. It was such a pleasure to see students learn beginning techniques and then to watch them create such interesting and inspiring pieces. I hope that they all go on with their painting experience. They should. There certainly was talent in the group.

My next class starts in January, 2015, and I get to experience the fun of playing with color all over again. I hope you enjoy these images, as much as I have.

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Painting for the Complete Beginner

This past Thursday was the last class of my University of New Mexico, Continuing Education class, Painting for the Complete Beginner. It was a very enjoyable art class for me to teach. I was so impressed by how the new painters took their tasks seriously and worked so hard. Some did homework on their own and many finished paintings at home that were started in class.

Pear, Lynn Eby, 2014

Pear. Lynn Eby, 2014

They started the class with just three colors, Cadmium Red and Yellow and Cobalt Blue plus white and black. Few in the class had drawing experience, but that did not slow anyone down. They dove in the first night by experimenting with color mixing. The second class involved painting a pear, which was challenging for some, successful for all.

At the end of the last class we displayed all available paintings that had been done. I think the painters were quite proud of themselves and somewhat surprised at how far they had come in just six classes (12 hours of instruction time). I was certainly proud of them.

Impending Storm, Camilla Brom, 2014

Impending Storm. Camilla Brom, 2014

In the remaining four classes they painted whatever they wanted. It was so interesting to see how many different subjects people chose to paint in those four classes. They did paintings that included crows to landscapes. They were all open to suggestions and readily made changes that I suggested. I asked them to take a photo of their work, and here are some examples.



Here are more examples:

Tree, Linda Faust, 2014

Tree. Linda Faust, 2014

Desert Life, White Sands, Linda Faust, 2014

Desert Life, White Sands. Linda Faust, 2014