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Full Of Grace

I tried to get through this Holiday without writing a gratitude post, but I couldn’t do it. My life is full of grace and good fortune and gratitude is on my mind all of the time. I have many people to be thankful for. This year has given me the opportunity to meet many new and very interesting people, including fellow artists who have written guest posts for me or cooperated in letting me ask them personal questions about their art. Everyone has been very generous.

As most of you know, I love to paint and I have gotten support and encouragement from France to California. I especially am grateful to all of those people who have collected my work, sometimes in very surprising numbers. And people are reading my blog—wonderful.


Tim Anderson, editor, Red Dog News

I have the best printing, packaging, and shipping and sometimes framing department that anyone could ask for known as Tim Anderson.

Annhartmarquis-Mashalat night

Mashal at Midnight, acrylic on canvas, 16″x20″, ©2009, Ann Hart Marquis






I also am grateful for my adopted Afghan family who for 11 years has provided my life with more color than I could have ever imagined.






And then there is my east coast family—what a delight they are.


And what would my life be without dance. Thank you, Studio Sway.

Studio Sway

Thank you,

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