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I have often fantasized about spending a month in Paris. It is now a reality as I start to plan my upcoming trip. Paris has been described, romanticized and glorified for centuries. I think that all of the glowing ideas about this city are more than justified.

I have been dreaming about Paris and visiting it for 32-years. I have been painting it for about ten. Now, I am just going to go and experience it. I will not be taking any paints and I may not take a sketchbook. I just want to wander around, wonder at the history, look at art and eat great food.

I hope to be inspired so that when I return, my mind will be full of exciting ideas that I can turn into paintings. I particularly want to walk along the Seine and just be near water. Here is a painting I did about 10-years ago.

Ann Hart Marquis-La Seine-paris

La Seine, acrylic on canvas, 20x24x1.5-inches, 2005. ©Ann Hart Marquis

Although my painting style has gone more toward the abstract, I still enjoy perspective, structure and trying to paint what I see. My brain enjoys the challenge.

For the next few weeks I will continue to get ready for my trip. For now, the airline reservations have been made, the apartment has been rented and the raincoat has been purchased.

a bientôt… I’ll let you know when I return whether or not I took a sketchbook.