The Ideal Painting Setting

Those of us who create art usually have a favorite place to work like our studio, a special room or for some, en plein air. Or we have learned to adapt to strange places, such as those found while in a workshop, on a retreat or in my situation, in my kitchen.

For the last month I have been painting in my kitchen while my studio is being remodeled and enlarged! I am using almost all available counter space so it is a little disconcerting when lunch time rolls around, but I have managed to push my palette aside. I can set up my painting area in about 3 minutes, and put it all away in about 2 minutes. Not an ideal painting setting, but it is wonderful to see my studio changing every day. It should be finished by the end of the month.

Regardless of where I am, my creative juices are continuing to flow as I work on my New Mexico series. Here is the latest painting.

Ann Hart Marquis-New Mexico Winter #2-abstract

New Mexico Winter #2, acrylic on paper, 10 x 14 inches, 2015. ©Ann Hart Marquis

Comments/critiques are always appreciated.

6 thoughts on “The Ideal Painting Setting

  1. Linda

    It is great that this has not disrupted your creative juices and is evident in this recent painting. Please share how your are able to set up and take down in such a short time!

    1. Ann Hart Marquis Post author

      Thanks Linda. First of all, I only have to move all my painting gear to the next room. I put by box of paints on my palette and move them, nest I roll up the towels that I use for protection, then I grab miscellaneous things like medium. It takes me about 3 trips to both wrap it up and set it up–about 2-3 minutes. Then I wash my brushes.

  2. Molly

    I really like this new direction you are going with your work. It seems to be taking on more emotional content when you use less direct references to specific places. Great leap Ann!


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