The Unexpected Gifts of Travel

Two weeks ago, I boarded a plane in Albuquerque, New Mexico and arrived relatively rested the next day in Rome, where I got on a train to Poggio Mirteto, an hour north. I was then met by one of the owners of the B&B La Torretta, located in the small village of Casperia where there are no cars. Casperia is all up and down walking on cobblestones. It is 1,000 years old and feels like it. Every day I walked up and down numerous narrow walkways trying to walk them all. It was a lovely experience.

Casperia, Italy

Casperia, Italy

One week ago, I arrived in France. As soon as I stepped off the plane in Toulouse, I felt a change. Although Italy was lovely, I did not feel at home there as I do in France. Even in the countryside, it just feels different although much of it looks the same. I was immediately greeted by the ubiquitous sunflowers that are everywhere in southwestern France. There are not just acres of them, there are miles, and they are huge. There are so many that to paint them seems to me to be a cliché. I have just started painting now that I am settled in a lovely home in the medieval village of Sorèze.

AnnHartMarquis- FrenchSunflowers

Ann Hart Marquis- French Sunflowers

With its challenges and marvels, its exquisite food and menus, and trying to speak French, being away from home for a while makes me feel marvelously refreshed and renewed.

AnnHartMarquis-FrenchSunflower with bee

Ann Hart Marquis, French Sunflower with bee

13 thoughts on “The Unexpected Gifts of Travel

  1. Brenda Chamberlain

    Oh Ann, Casperia looks beautiful – aren’t you glad you stopped there? I know you’re happy and comfortable being back in France, and the sunflowers are truly amazing! I’m delighted that you’ve started painting and know you’re enjoying every moment. Treasure this time.

    My painting has been lagging as we’ve started our house project and it’s full speed ahead. I’m trying to put something on the canvas today, but am not happy with it. I’ll work on my self-motivation.

    So good to hear from you!

  2. Karen Conley

    So happy for you Ann, and love that you are sharing your trip w/us all. Your photos are just beautiful, keep them coming…co, Karen


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