Total Immersion Painting

This past weekend I had the pleasure of being flown to Naperville, a suburb of Chicago to do a private painting retreat for two painters. The entire experience was a pleasure from the first night until the day that I left. There was hospitality and creativity in abundance. It was a delightful painting environment. The backyard was filled with many 200 year-old oak trees, which are a painter’s dream.

SylviaLippmann-Red Tree in Summer

Sylvia Lippmann-Red Tree in Summer

Not only does my hostess Sylvia have a history of painting, she has art in her genes. She hadn’t painted for a while and wanted to jump back in and get a confirmation of her painting style which was obviously well-formed and quite lovely. She has a well-established palette and a definite leaning toward particular color combinations.


Sylvia Lippmann-Unexpected Pears

Sylvia Lippmann-Unexpected Pears


Sylvia Lippmann

Sylvia Lippmann, oak trees in progress

The second painter, Dotty, is a beginner to painting, although she has been expressing her creativity for many years. In three days she went from asking many questions and being somewhat tentative to working primarily on her own.

Dotty Seiter

Dotty Seiter, oak tree in progress

Dotty Seiter-Sitting in Lotus Postion

Dotty Seiter-Sitting in Lotus Position

Dotty Seiter-Leaning into Lessions at the Edge of the World

Dotty Seiter-Leaning into Lessons at the Edge of the World









For me the experience was a delight not only because I painted along with them, but because they were both so receptive to my suggestions. At the end of the three full days of painting we were surrounded by a collection of lovely paintings that we left sitting around us as we talked or dined. It was like eating in an art gallery because we each did three paintings. It was a total immmersion experience that I would enjoy repeating.

SylviaLippmann-My Mothers Palette.

Sylvia Lippmann-My Mother’s Palette.

Dotty Seiter-Creative Juices in the Flesh

Dotty Seiter-Creative Juices in the Flesh


6 thoughts on “Total Immersion Painting

  1. Karen Conley

    Every one of these paintings are delightful, I especially like Lotus Position…

    Best, Karen

  2. Dotty Seiter

    Ann, a door cracked open when I first met you four years ago, a door I’d never before given attention. Thanks for flinging it wide open with your perfect-for-this-beginner apprentice-style approach, succinct instruction in basics, and enlivening encouragement. Speaking of total immersion, as you did, I’ve painted almost every day since our retreat. Who knew I had space for a rudimentary, makeshift studio in my home and snippets of time in my schedule to paint? Who knew I even wanted to paint? Not me! Best daily meditation ever.

    Sylvia, thanks for sparking our AWESOME private painting retreat. A gift beyond measure in more ways than I can count.

    Karen, thanks for your kind words. Let me know if you’d like to find out more about Lotus Position. Ann can put us in touch.


    1. Ann Hart Marquis Post author

      Thank you Dotty,
      Needless to say, it was such a pleasure for me to get to know you better and to watch you blossom. I am so pleased that you were there. I am surprised that you have done so much painting since our retreat, I am happy that you are finding pleasure in it, and painting is a wonderful way to totally loose yourself just like meditating. I can’t wait to see where painting will take you and to see what you will paint next.


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